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    Dolby Atmos Tech Talk for Xbox and Windows 10

    March 9, 2017 by Andy Vaughan

    Dolby Atmos is coming to Xbox and Windows. Are you ready?

    Learn Dolby Atmos from the Pros

    If you're a console or PC game developer in the UK, this day-long Tech Talk is for you.

    During this event, members of the interactive content community including Dolby, Microsoft, DICE, Formosa Group and Pinewood Studio will get you ready with a set of focused technical talks ranging from what Dolby Atmos is and does for your content, to how best to plan and configure your studio to mix your audio in Dolby Atmos.

    • Michael Jessup, Sr. Product Manager at Dolby will kick off the day by providing an overview of Dolby Atmos technology, and identifying the steps to integrate the technology into your workflow.
    • Scott Selfon, Principal Software Engineering Lead at Microsoft and Mark Yeend, Creative Director, ATG at Xbox, will then introduce Windows Sonic - Microsoft's platform-level implementation for native spatial sound objects and virtual surround sound on both Xbox and Windows. Windows Sonic supports Dolby Atmos (over HDMI and headphones) as a spatial sound provider, allowing the entire system mix to be rendered and heard from above, below (for users of headphones), and around the listener. This talk will examine the general capabilities of Windows Sonic and how developers can integrate Dolby Atmos via Windows Sonic into existing audio workflows.
    • Kristoffer Larson, Sr. Sound Supervisor of Formosa Group will share best practices for mixing game content and discussing how to get your studio ready to produce Dolby Atmos content.
    • DICE, the first game developer to support Dolby Atmos, will talk about implementing Dolby Atmos for dazzling effect in Star Wars Battlefont and a local film mixer will conclude the event with a talk about Dolby Atmos mixing for linear content, and how cinema content differs from creating Dolby Atmos content for games.


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