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    Rogue by codestalkers

    April 16, 2014 by Application Administrator

    Based in Barcelona, Spain, codestalkers was created to provide unique experiences to make Android a viable gaming platform. That includes delivering console-quality games that are affordable to anyone in a casual and independent manner. This includes a key emphasis on high-quality graphics, music and controls. codestalkers is laser focused on offering all mobile gamers a complete and immersive gaming experience on their Android devices.

    Rogue: Beyond The Shadows

    "To fully achieve an immersive experience the Dolby API played a key role on Rogue: Beyond The Shadows. With minimal effort the integration of the Dolby API was seamless and the benefits were noticed immediately, giving a powerful, clear and captivating audio experience from the first moments. Dolby is here to allow everyone the opportunity to enrich and power up your audio to the next level."

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