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    Stream Dolby Audio with Encoding.com's Vid.ly

    October 19, 2016 by Andy Vaughan

    HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is quickly becoming the way to deliver video content to a variety of endpoints over varying bandwidth connections. Championed by Apple for its massively successful line of devices from the iPhone 7 to the Apple TV and the Safari browser, HLS has become the dominant format for streaming video.

    Evolving Audio to Match the Video Evolution

    In tandem with this standard, Dolby has been working to begin delivering Dolby Audio in those HLS streams, and thanks to the newest capabilities from Apple’s various platforms and Microsoft Windows, users of both stripes now have the tools they need to decode Dolby Audio streams without any plugins or helper apps.

    Still, preparing and formatting HLS audio for your streaming video solution can be a whole separate job in addition to delivering your app or service. Why not let an Online Video Provider handle the audio formatting and device detection for you?

    Using Vid.ly, you can do precisely that. And what’s better, all you need to do is upload a single multichannel file, and Vid.ly will do the rest. That includes delivering multichannel and stereo streams encoded in Dolby Digital Plus with AAC fallback for devices and browsers that don’t yet offer support for Dolby Audio.


    Listen to the difference Dolby Audio can make on the web (Best viewed with Windows Edge, Apple Safari on macOS Safari, or any iOS 10 device newer than the iPhone 7).

    Read more in a short whitepaper describing the benefits of Vid.ly.

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