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    Surround Sound Mixing Basics with John Loose

    January 12, 2017 by Andy Vaughan

    Dolby Director of Audio and Visual Production John Loose sat down with Reverb Magazine to discuss the basics and best practices for mixing audio tracks in surround sound.

    Learn the basics of surround sound mixing

    Covering the best practices in a short article, John Loose give some crucial tips and tricks to developers working on creating a deeper and more engaging soundscape. Included in his interview:

    • The differences between mixing for audio-only and music-for-picture
    • Essential tools needed
    • Preparing for a surround sound mix
    • Instrument and emitter placement
    • How best to use panning and how to avoid overuse
    • EQ, compression and effects

    While the topic is a gigantic one that simply cannot be covered completely in one interview, this is a great intro to the practice.


    Check it out!



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