The Dolby Atmos Panner

The Dolby Atmos® Panner is a reference project for developers who wish to add object-based audio to a project built in a game engine that does not offer support for Dolby Atmos.

Existing game engine audio systems have panners that work to change mono + position audio, into multichannel audio. The Dolby Atmos Panner supports panning into channel configurations up to, which refers to 8 channels in the ear-level plane, 1 subwoofer, 4 channels above the listener, and 4 channels below the listener.

The Dolby Atmos Panner is offered in source code format (C) only, and due to the many potential implementations, is not formally supported by Dolby. Still, developers are encouraged to download, browse and experiment with the Panner in their projects, and deploy object-based audio to capable playback environments.

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