Dolby E

Dolby E, introduced in 1999, is a professional audio coding system,  that allows the distribution of multichannel digital audio within two-channel infrastructures. With Dolby E, up to eight channels of broadcast-quality audio, plus metadata, can be distributed via a single AES-3 pair.

For carriage of streams supporting Dolby Atmos or personalized audio, please see Dolby ED2.

Dolby E High Level Frame Description

Dolby E Line Position Table

Dolby E Recommended Alignment NTSC-PAL

Post it with Dolby E

Technical Requirements for Third-Party Product Compatibility with Dolby E Bitstreams

Frame Synchonizers - Technical Bulletin

Re-aligning and Synchonizing Dolby E Streams with Video

Manufacturer Guidelines: Handling of Dolby E in Environments Using Progressive Frame Rates (50/60p)

Dolby E and Dolby AC-4 over Professional IP Media Networks