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Here are some demos that showcase Dolby technology on the web

Dolby Audio Experience

An immersive 3D experience that showcases Dolby Atmos streams in various formats (MPEG-DASH, HLS, MP4)

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AAC vs. Dolby Digital Plus

Listen to the difference between AAC and DD+ in this demo that switches back and forth between two audio tracks, one in AAC and the other in DD+.

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A fun 3D game that uses Dolby Digital Plus for both the soundtrack and sound effects.

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An interactive audio experience that lets you design your own music from a palette of Dolby Digital Plus encoded audio files. Save your compositions and share online!

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Dolby Audio encoding utility

A free tool to encode a small video (or audio-only) file from common source formats to a Dolby Digital Plus. mp4 file.

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