The Best Game Imaging – Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision ensures that what gamers see on their Dolby Vision TV, laptop, or PC monitor matches what you mastered

We live in a multi-display world, so why are you still mastering your game for one type of display? The Real-Time Rendering SDK manages your mastering process where you create Metadata once, and an individualized master can be generated in real time for any display you plug up.

  • Consistent picture across any Dolby Vision device – Using display profile information, Dolby Vision maps your game to any Dolby Vision display’s unique capabilities for a detail-rich picture, across multiple display and screen types.
  • Tools for the future – Today most games are mastered for a single reference display. While this means your game looks great in the studio, displays in the wild do a multitude of different modifications to your game based on settings, display capability, and even the input method. Dolby has solved this multi-display problem with the Real-Time Rendering SDK which allows artists to create descriptive metadata based on a known Dolby Vision Display. This metadata is more powerful than a single master as it can transform your game to look the best on any display. Brilliant.
  • Leverage the Dolby Ecosystem – Dolby has been growing a wide display ecosystem for more than 5 years. Whether your customers are using entry-level 4K TVs, a Dolby Vision enabled Laptop, or the newly launched Dolby Vision Monitors for PCs, you can ensure your content will display with the accuracy and clarity you approved at the studio.
  • No More Calibration Screens – When your game plays back on a Dolby Vision display, you no longer need to force a mandatory calibration screen. Because Dolby has done the hard work of defining white balance, gamma, and backlight brightness with the display manufacturer, you gain the benefit of having a consistent picture mode on any Dolby Vision display automatically with no user interaction.