A Unified Authoring Pipeline for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and SDR

Today, most games have a disjointed asset pipeline that focuses large resources on generating SDR masters, leaving a small team to quickly generate an HDR10 master with sub-par results. Instead, Dolby is offering a better way to master your game holistically with dynamic metadata which saves time and raises your quality bar.

  • Master Once in Dolby Vision – When you master in Dolby Vision, you are actually generating dynamic metadata for your game. No matter whether the output is a HDR10 Display that’s only half as bright, or a legacy SDR TV with 72% less color gamut, Dolby’s Tonemappers generate the best signal for that display because you spent time creating dynamic metadata instead of masters. Smart.
  • Fine Tune with Hollywood Quality Tools – We created tools for the most demanding Hollywood and game artists. Drill down the look of your SDR scene precisely With this second set of optional dynamic metadata all without affecting your approved Dolby Vision Master.
  • Future Proof – The content you create will be in circulation for years to come, and as display technology improves, so will the look of your game. When you provide the Real-Time Rendering SDK a full floating point linear image, you can map it to brighter and more colorful displays that don’t exist or choose to clamp it down to the mastering display for which you created the original metadata. It’s up to you how you want your game to live on.