Gear Up

Below are some creative and encoding tools to help you get started with producing your content in Dolby Audio™.

Dolby Audio encoding utility

A free tool to encode a small video (or audio-only) file from common source formats to a Dolby Digital Plus. mp4 file.

Encode Now

For larger and/or more complex encoding jobs with web-based ease-of-use, provides conversion of a wide variety of input formats. Convert local or cloud-based files - pay for only what you use.

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Microsoft Azure Media Services

An encoding application hosted on Microsoft Azure. Use your VM and pay as you go to encode the content you require.

Azure Media Service
Adobe Creative Cloud

Use Adobe Premiere and Audition for a professional and flexible solution to your editing, mixing and encoding needs.

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Avid Pro Tools

Use available third-party plug-ins to encode your Pro Tools content into Dolby Digital Plus.

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