Fabric provides a plethora of audio features and custom user interfaces that allow developers to design great audio entirely within Unity 3D. Its nested component hierarchy allows users to create complex audio structures and combined with its event-based system Fabric reduces the dependency on programmers giving more power to the sound-designers to work independently.

Fabric offers the following features:

Hierarchical structure - Fabric uses Unity’s object-based hierarchical structure in order to build complex audio behaviours.

Components - Fabric components are the building blocks that allow you to create sophisticated audio designs by combining them in interesting ways. The components available are: Audio, Dialog, www, SamplePlayer, Timeline, Music, Sequence, Switch, Group, Blend, IntroLoopOutro, Silent, Mic.

Event System: Fabric’s event system provides a robust and flexible way to trigger and control components. Each event can be set to perform specific actions such as: play, stop, set volume, set pitch, set parameters and many more.
An extensive set of custom editor windows allows to quickly assign events to componets, design complex event sequences and profile them.

Music Support: Fabric lets you transition between components synced to music tempo (OnBeat, OnBar, OnEnd)

Runtime Parameters: The runtime parameters (RTP) provides a poweerful method to link parameters from the game with component properties and map them to custom graphs, drive them from built-in game parameters or modulate them.

Mixing: Fabric makes it possible to balance and change the mix of the game in many ways: Audio Buses, Side Chain, Dynamic Mixing, Event overrides.

Localization: Fabric provides intuitive and flexible localization support handling hundreads of dialog lines for multiple languages.

DSP Effects: Fabric integrates its own custom effects (Stereotizer, Sample Panner, Audio Capture) as well as Unity's effects simlessly into the event system and runtime parameter support. Controlling DSP properties from the game couldn't be more easier.

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