AppLink QML Type

The communication channel between the Dolby Conference Phone app and the Dolby Voice Hub App. More...

Import Statement: import com.dolby.dcp.engine 1.0



Detailed Description

This global object provides APIs for notifying of new incoming AppLinkSession.

import com.dolby.dcp.engine 1.0

function myOnMessageReceived(session, msg) {
    // ...

function myOnSessionEnded(session) {
    // ...

Connections {
    target: Hub.appLink
    onNewSession: {
            function(session) { return function(msg) { return myOnMessageReceived(session, msg); }}(session));

            function(session) { return function() { return myOnSessionEnded(session); }}(session));

Note: This component is a singleton type.

Introduced in SDK version: 6

Property Documentation

[read-only] reachable : bool

Indicates whether this app is ready to receive new AppLinkSession sessions.

See also newSession.

Signal Documentation

newSession(AppLinkSession session)

Emitted when a new app-to-app session is started.

See also AppLinkSession.