AppLinkSession QML Type

The communication session for the AppLink. More...

Import Statement: import com.dolby.dcp.engine 1.0




Detailed Description

This object provides APIs for receiving and sending messages between the Dolby Conference Phone app and the Dolby Voice Hub app.

Introduced in SDK version: 6

function myOnMessageReceived(session, msg) {
    // ...

function myOnSessionEnded(session) {
    // ...

id: myDcpApp
signal mySendMessage(string msg)
Connections {
    target: Hub.appLink
    onNewSession: {
            function(session) { return function(msg) { return myOnMessageReceived(session, msg); }}(session));

            function(session) { return function() { return myOnSessionEnded(session); }}(session));

            function(session) { return function(msg) { session.sendTextMessage(msg); }}(session));

Property Documentation

[read-only] name : string

The name of this session. The name of a session is given by the creator of the session.

[read-only] reachable : bool

Indicates whether the app at the other side of this session is ready to receive communications, at which point this flag will be set to true.

Signal Documentation


Emitted when this session has been disconnected.

textMessageReceived(string msg)

Emitted when this session has received a text message.

See also sendTextMessage.

Method Documentation


Terminates this session.

sendTextMessage(string msg)

Send the specified text message to the app at the other side of this session.

See also textMessageReceived.