List of global objects



Provides APIs for the app heartbeat management.

Provides properties, callbacks and functions that facilitate app-to-app communication.

This object consists of a set of APIs that can be used to manage the Dolby Voice Hub configuration.

ConfigurationParameter provides APIs to access properties of the configutation parameter.

C dapi

The JavaScript library for Dolby Voice Hub APIs.

C Device

This object serves as a collection of APIs for accessing related devices such as the Dolby Conference Phone.

C Phone

This object serves as a collection of APIs for controlling a paired Dolby Conference Phone.

The Displays object provides monitor information to the app.

The Monitor object defines a monitor's width, height, and x and y position properites.

"Peripheral mode" refers to when the Dolby Conference Phone is paired with another device, such as the Dolby Voice Hub.

Provides the interface for monitoring for property value changes.

Provides APIs for the app to access IP PBX telephony information.