Set up devices and load demo app

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set up Dolby Voice Room system
  3. Load and run the demo app

1. Introduction

This document shows how to set up a Dolby Voice Room system and run an app that demonstrates an end-to-end WebRTC call workflow.

The Dolby Voice Room is an endpoint product designed primarily for use in huddle room environments. It is comprised of 3 hardware components:

  1. Dolby Voice Hub that hosts the conferencing app
  2. Dolby Voice Camera
  3. Dolby Conference Phone for tabletop control, as well as for speaker (audio) and microphones

The following image shows a Dolby Voice Room configuration.


2. Set up Dolby Voice Room system

Connect the following components to set up the Dolby Voice Room system:

  • Dolby Voice Hub
  • Dolby Voice Camera
  • Dolby Conference Phone
  • Television / Monitor (supports at least 1080p resolution)
  • Ethernet port with Internet access
  • 2 Ethernet cables
  • At least 1 HDMI cable (Note that the outermost HDMI port on the Dolby Voice Hub is for HDMI input from a laptop for sharing content.)

The following sketch shows how to connect the Dolby Voice Room hardware.

3. Load and run the demo app

The demo app is comprised of two apps: one that runs on the Dolby Voice Hub and another that runs on the Dolby Conference Phone. To load these two apps, two download location parameters must be set; these are set using the Dolby Voice Hub web UI.

To access the Dolby Voice Hub web UI, first get the the hub's IP address using the Dolby Conference Phone interface: tap on the Settings icon, then (...) > About > System.

Next, use a computer's web browser and enter the IP address in the URL field. Type admin and 1739 (Username/Password) to log in. Then change two settings:

Parameter Value Web UI Location
Dvms.HubApp.Url Settings > Dolby Voice Conferencing Service > Hub Application
Phone.App.Url Dolby Conference Phone > Application > Application URL

The following web UI screenshot shows the Dolby Voice Hub app setting:

This web UI screenshot shows the Dolby Conference Phone app setting:

Clicking the "Save" buttons in the web UI will start the app download process. Note that it takes a few seconds to load the apps. The monitor connected to the Dolby Voice Hub will display the following with instructions to start a call:

The Dolby Conference Phone UI will prompt you to type in a 4-digit room number:

A conference link like the following will be displayed at the top of the Dolby Voice Hub monitor:

Enter this link into a Chrome browser running on a computer to join the call.


Press the "End Call" icon on the Dolby Conference Phone or click on the small "X" in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser to end the call.